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Kylemore Abbey

Kylemore Abbey, Co. Galway, Ireland A new release hand printed by Nancy Wojack Hendrickson from the photo archives of Barry Hendrickson. © Hendrickson Fine Art Photography Read more about the story behind this photograph.> _____ Fine art photographs available for purchase in three sizes. >...

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Fairy Tree, by Barry Hendrickson

Fairy Tree

Fairy Tree, County Galway, Ireland Barry Thomas Hendrickson Printed by Nancy Wojack Hendrickson © Hendrickson Fine Art Photo These lone hawthorn trees sprinkled throughout the Irish countryside are thought to be a sacred home for fairies. Long ago, fairy trees were worshipped in Ireland and thought to have magical powers. Even today, these fairy tress are both feared and respected. Irish superstitions say never to disturb the home of the fairies or it will bring you bad luck. ____ Available for purchase in three sizes >  ...

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Claddagh photo by Ireland in black and white


County Galway, Ireland © Barry Thomas Hendrickson A long standing Irish symbol of love and faithfulness. The heart stands for love, the hands for friendship and the crown for loyalty. There are many legends about the origins of the Claddagh elements leading back centuries. This stone representation was found in Galway City across the river from the site of the old Claddagh fishing village. Print available in one size >...

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Roundstone Bay

County Galway, Ireland © Barry Thomas Hendrickson This boat is nestled in an island near the village of Roundstone in western Ireland. In the background stands the majestic Cashel Hill from the Connemara mountains. _____ Print available in three sizes >...

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