Nancy Wojack Hendrickson

The Legacy Lives On

Nancy W Hendrickson artist talk

Why do I create these photographs, these prints of Ireland? 

I often get asked this question. Or perhaps you are new here, if so welcome! I will start at the beginning.

I’m Nancy Wojack Hendrickson. I was married to Barry Thomas Hendrickson, an amazing black and white photographer. He passed away at the height of our fine art photography business. We sold a series of fine art Irish photos together nationwide for over seven years. Business was booming when he passed away. So yes, I am his widow. He left behind a body of printed work, and a plethora of images from our last trip to Ireland that he never got to print.

My mission, my goal is to print and share these Irish photos, our love of Ireland and the legacy he left behind. I have been working on this – on and off – for quite some time. However, the need to get these unprinted photos done, to get the work out there hasn’t left me since the day he died. Over ten years ago.

I hope you enjoy viewing the work, as I have enjoyed printing them!

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Nancy Wojack Hendrickson, Hendrickson Fine Art PhotographyNancy Wojack Hendrickson
Hendrickson Fine Art Photography

My Purpose as an Artist

I’m passionate about honoring my Irish heritage so we can all experience the haunting beauty of this land. These images are meaningful to me because of my lifelong love of Ireland. They also hold great meaning to me because these photos are from my late husband Barry Hendrickson. It’s a gift to be able to develop images from his archives. They bring my connection to my Irish heritage and Barry to life.

I love working through the print process in black and white photography because the moody drama and amazing depth reflect Ireland’s rich history. I personally print each carbon print with the utmost attention to detail, heavily influenced by the Zone System which was formulated by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer for determining optimal film exposure and development. They are then printed on archival fine art paper and framed in museum quality wood frames.

They envelope me in nostalgia and a deep sense of belonging. A home away from home.

Nancy’s Background

Nancy is an arts advocate, and loves to integrate art into her life and business. Her photographic print skills were developed over the seven years working side by side with her late husband and photographer Barry Hendrickson. She is a graphic and web designer that focuses on helping small businesses with their design needs. Her passion for Ireland started at a young age. And she loves to continue her Irish heritage in this new and exciting way. 


Nancy Hendrickson is honoring her late husband’s legacy by exhibiting and selling these fine art photographs. She is also printing new releases from the vast body of negatives that Barry left behind.

Barry Hendrickson, photographer, December 30, 1957 - May 16, 2010Barry Thomas Hendrickson
Fine Art Photographer

Barry Hendrickson was passionate about Ireland, its history and his Irish heritage. His dramatic black-and-white photographic landscapes of Ireland often evoke emotional responses from viewers. He said about his photographs, “When I am drawn to the essential nature of a place, my goal is to express this meaning and bring some emotion to life in my photographs.” Barry began photographing Ireland over 17 years ago. With Nancy, his wife and printing partner they traveled across the United States, exhibiting this work in more than 39 cities.

Barry Thomas Hendrickson died on May 16, 2010, after a three and a half year heroic struggle with pancreatic cancer. He is greatly missed.

Barry’s Background

Barry photographed for design firms, advertising agencies and corporate clients in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul region for more than 20 years. He was known for his emotive photographic style, bringing life, luminance and a sense of place to his images.

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