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Getting ready for a gallery show

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Port of Farewells getting matte for Gallery

Getting ready for a gallery show

I am having some extra large prints framed for an upcoming exhibit. It’s so nice to be getting ready for a gallery show in November here in Minneapolis.  I am getting progress photos from my friend, who is also my framer. So excited to see these fine art prints large and in frames.  This image part of my latest series titled “Legacy”. Because of the pandemic there has not been any opportunities for me to show my photographs in person. So I am so grateful for this!

The Port of Farewells

Cobh, Cork Harbor, County Cork, Ireland 2020
Barry Thomas Hendrickson
Printed by Nancy Wojack Hendrickson
© Hendrickson Fine Art Photo
Forgotten Village Road photo getting a frame by Hendrickson Fine Art

Forgotten Village Road

Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland  2020

Barry Thomas Hendrickson
Printed by Nancy Wojack Hendrickson

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