My Fine Art Process & A Show

I have always loved to draw and paint. My creative skills have been a big part of my life from grade school art class, to in college earning a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) to just visiting art shows and museums. My creative side loves working with paints, colors and texture. After I married my husband, I also learned how to print dramatic black and white photos.  My art and creative practice holds a place for me to spend time and process many things. After the loss of my husband over a decade ago, I went back to creating my art for my own fun, joy and healing. A big part of this journey has been working with art mentors. My first mentor was Brenna Busse – she helped guide me into finding my thread, my passion, and trust my art skills again. With her help starting diving into the healing process of working with parts of my artist past and then building something new from it. These theme has resonated with me fully. The thread of family and ancestry — of pulling pieces and parts from ourselves, our past and our ancestors — and then living our lives creating something new.

Torn Hearts by Nancy Wojack Hendrickson

Torn Hearts, one of my mixed media artworks © Nancy Wojack Hendrickson

As an artist working independently, there are times when you question what you are doing and how. So when I was offered to join art mentor Deborah Foutch‘s group of artists, I jumped at the chance. Our group – nicknamed ‘The Pod’ – has ebbed and flowed but currently we have about ten of us. We meet every other month, and bring what we are working on. Ideas, comments and support is shared. It is a very helpful process. Currently, we have a exhibit here in Minneapolis. It’s been really fun to see all of our art, polished and framed and hanging side by side. It showcases how much talent is in our group!

On2 Gallery hanging the show – photo by Bill Cooper

If you are in Minneapolis this July or August, come see some of The Pod’s art along with my art and photos at the On2 Gallery in the California Building, NE Minneapolis.
Artist Reception is coming up this Saturday, July 29 from 6:00- 8:00 pm.

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