Hendrickson Fine Art photo of Glendalough monastery

A mystical and moving Irish monastery

Visiting and photographing Glendalough – with it’s amazing ancient buildings, and centuries old cemetery was a real thrill.

It was a rainy day in Wicklow, when Barry and I decided to tour the Glendalough monastic site. The rain that day ended up being a great thing because the medieval grounds were empty. We had the place to our selves.  And trust me — that was a gift  — as this place is usually crawling with tourists.

We got to meander through scenic paths in the Wicklow Mountains. We gazed upon a hundred foot tall roundstone tower and went along trails through the graveyard. The graveyard was fascinating… so many beautiful and tall stones steeped over at odd angles, and many markers with worn away lettering, some as old as the 12th century. There were Celtic crosses to be discovered and Medieval buildings to enter, including St Kevin’s Kitchen- an early Irish church with a round tower and steep pitched roof. What a way to really feel the history of the place. 

Barry went to work, photographing stones, markers, the scenery, the mist and atmosphere of the place. Everything!  The rain made the tombstones shimmer… and the mist hung in the valley. We were enthralled!  It really was truly mystical and a moving day.


Monastery, Co Wicklow, Ireland @Hendrickson Fine Art Photo

Monastery, Co Wicklow, Ireland

Barry’s eye for composition, and the path drawn you into this magical place.
His attention to detail and the drama all brings this scene to life. This has made
this image one of our collectors favorites! 

Monastery, Co Wicklow, © Hendrickson Fine Art Photography 
Archival black and white fine art photos available in three sizes. 

Glendalough Monastery is in the Wicklow National Park is in the Wicklow Mountains, approximately 50 km south from Dublin. 

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