What is it about Ireland?

Have you ever heard about a place, a country, a land for years? Something that sounds so wonderful, the anticipation to travel there is so great?

That place for me has been Ireland. Ever since I can remember the fact that I was Irish was a good thing, a special source of pride. My mom’s side of the family is very passionate about their Irish heritage. This love of Ireland shows up around holidays, family gatherings, wedding and funerals. Traditional Irish songs, and wearing of the green are common and expected. St Patrick’s Day is a reason to take off work and get together with our very large clan of relatives.


I am asked when I am showing my fine art photos, “Why are your photos only of Ireland?” This is the reason.


This love of this unknown land was ingrained in me at an early age. So of course, I wanted to visit the my ancestors country for many years. When others were able to travel there it was exciting news, with stories and pictures to share.


My mother Elaine was able to take her trip to Ireland in 1989. She was made the voyage with one of her sisters and some friends. They returned with photos, stories and mementos. My mother remembers visiting Kylemore Abbey on one of well-known rainy Irish days. She loved being able to tour inside of this Victorian castle, a place of rich history and beauty.


Decades later, I finally got to follow in her footsteps, and travelled to Ireland with my husband Barry. I got to experience the kind Irish people, and to touch upon a sense of my past relations. I went to see Kylemore Abbey,  a Victorian Castle nestled against the woods, in the heart of the Connemara Mountains. To see the beauty of the Abbey reflected in the lake and have it captured in a photograph, it was with a remembrance and a sense of gratitude that I was able to make it here as well. To see this beloved land for myself.




Kylemore Abbey

County Galway, Ireland


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