The Rosses, County Donegal, Ireland by Barry Hendrickson © Hendrickson Fine Art Photography

The Ebbs and Flows

The Rosses

(In Irish: Na Rosa)

County Donegal, Ireland


The inlets from the sea are fascinating for me. You see, I am from Minnesota, a land locked region situated in center of the United States. We have plenty of water, thousands of lakes and also some rivers. But we don’t have the sea. So no, we don’t have tides. High tides, low tides, none of that. So visiting Ireland, a country encircled with sea was an amazing visual treat.


When Barry and I were traveling in Ireland, we loved taking all of the roads that outlined the coast. This day’s journey lead us into the northwestern region of County Donegal. Suddenly we came upon a boat just siting there, alone in this vast stretch of sand. As you can see from the photograph, it was striking. Did someone forget their boat? Were they caught off guard?   


Tides are about coming and going, and that requires patience. Stick around and the water will come up. Eventually the sea will rise, and again your boat will be adrift on the water.  It sounds a bit like life huh? The ebbs and flows. Here and there. The before and the after.  I am still learning these lessons of patience. 


So wait and see … yes, this boat will soon be navigating the water again.


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