Burren by Barry Hendrickson photography

The Burren

Western Ireland’s Limestone Landscape


Giant boulders are tumbled upon this bizarre, lunar-like landscape. Billowing clouds blow over the North Atlantic Ocean, this is the west coast of Ireland.


While we were traveling in County Clare, Barry captured this panorama with the ocean beyond. This place is called the “Burren” which comes from the Gaelic word “Boíreann” meaning a rocky place. A fitting name for so much stone. The bare exposed rocky land really was cool to see for me, because of how different it is from ‘the green’ I had expected to see in Ireland.


The Burren covers an area of 160 square km, in north County Clare and parts of south County Galway. This unusual landscape, which includes the Cliffs of Moher, has been designated a Geopark. The park educates visitors about conservation and the unique geological, floral and fauna you will find here. To learn more about the Burren, visit here. >

The Burren

County Clare, Ireland
Barry Thomas Hendrickson, Hendrickson Fine Art Photography
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